House Value Calculator: Find by UK postcode

To estimate property values enter a full UK postcode e.g. OX3 8BG.

You can use the Royal Mail's Postcode Finder to find the postcode of any address.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find out how much my house is worth using the UK House Value Calculator?

To estimate the value of your property, enter your postcode into the House Value Calculator.

Find it within the results to see your current valuation estimate and error bands that show a minimum and maximum house price estimate.

If you have had work done on the property since you bought it, you need to adjust the valuation, as any improvements will increase how much your house is worth.

If you cannot see your property listed, it may be because it was last sold before the published Land Registry records began. In this case, use similar properties within your postcode to estimate your home's valuation.