Property Value in B18 5ST

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Current value estimates

House value estimates, calculated by adjusting the last sale price for recent house value changes

last sold
price paid
386, Park Road
Mar 4, 1999
± £175K
388, Park Road
Apr 30, 2008
± £30K
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The average property value in B18 5ST is £519,000 plus or minus £103,000. In the UK, the average house value is £281,000.

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Property value trends

House value trends in B18 5ST, estimated using average price growth in Birmingham. Compare trends in house values and cost per square foot with the UK average

Average value by property type

Breakdown of the different types of property in B18 5ST, including average value for different houses types and flats

Property typeCountPercentageAverage value
Detached house
Terraced house

The most expensive properties in B18 5ST are detached houses and the cheapest are terraced houses. The average detached house costs £578,000 more than the average terraced house.

There are 2 the different house types in B18 5ST (detached houses, terraced houses), they range in price from £230,000, the average value estimate for terraced houses, to £808,000, the average value estimate for detached houses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are house values and flat values calculated?

The current value of each house or flat is calculated by taking the last sale price and adjusting it up or down to reflect movements in property prices since the last sale occurred.

We use the local authority House Price Index to adjust property sale prices in a postcode so that local trends in house prices are reflected. This is important as some areas differ significantly from the broader national average.

We report error bands for each property value estimate (e.g. £200,000 ± £30k) to show that estimating property value using this method can be imprecise, particularly when significant time has passed since the last sale. In some cases, historic price changes for a postcode may not be well reflected by the local House Price Index, and any changes made to a property's fixtures or fittings since the last sale will not be reflected in the estimate. If you need an accurate property valuation you should speak to a suitably qualified surveyor.

Property value error bands are set so that a majority of prices fall within the predicted range and equal 10% of the total change in valuation due to movements in house price indexes, plus 2.5% of the final estimate and an additional 0.5% for every year between the last sale and today.

Property values provided on this page are estimates and for information purposes only.