A house in good condition
First-Time Home Buyer Guide

Navigating the homeownership journey as a beginner - topics explained, useful tips, and helpful resources

Buyer Guides

  1. Should I Buy a House?

    Understand the financial and personal advantages of property ownership along with the potential challenges

  2. How Do I Decide Where To Live?

    Discover the key considerations when deciding where to live, such as local amenities, transportation, and safety

  3. How To Make an Offer and Negotiate for a House

    Key steps for determining the right initial offer for a house, and how to navigate the negotiation process towards a final price

  4. How Long Does It Take To Buy a House?

    Breaking down the home-buying timeline in England and Wales, including potential delays, plus steps to take post-completion

A lady work on our Automated Valuation Model next to a server room
Automated Valuation Model: How We Value Property

Discover how our AVM estimates property values. Understand its strengths, limitations, and how it compares to traditional valuations

Solar panels for energy efficiency
What Are Energy Performance Certificates?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are home energy efficiency reports that are often required when buying, selling, or renting

Seller Guides

Holding property keys in palm of hand
How Much Should I Sell My House For?

Choose the right price for your home by maximising appeal, evaluating market value, and developing a sales plan

A home wall being painted red
Which Home Improvements Add Value To Your Home?

Explore which home improvements can not only enhance your living space but also increase your property's value