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From up-to-date individual property valuations to county-level comparisons with average value and growth by town

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View properties in a postcode or street. Use our smart filters to compare specific properties

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Automated valuations

Property valuation reports produced by our Automated Valuation Model, including sold price history and other property details

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County or Town summaries

Search by county or postal area to see the average value by area and how property values have changed over time

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High-end property market

Search by county or postal area to find the most expensive streets and streets with the largest square footage

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Comparisons, facts and interactive charts for 375 areas in England & Wales. Search by local authority, county, region, or country

Local statistics

Person Population

Explore population trends, historic patterns, and future projections to understand how population demographics are changing

Key Stats

  • Current Population
  • Forecast Population

People Demographics

Review demographics including age distribution, life expectancies, and well-being metrics, to better understand the local population

Key Stats

  • Average Age
  • Life Expectancy

Pie Chart Economy

Analyse key economic indicators, labour market statistics, and industry breakdowns to better understand the local economy

Key Stats

  • GDP
  • Unemployment Rate

Cash Salary

Review comprehensive salary data, including salary trends and average work hours, broken down by gender

Key Stats

  • Average Salaries
  • Hours Worked

Stats Chart Crime

Examine crime rates and trends, providing a detailed perspective on local safety and security

Key Stats

  • Crime Rate
  • Types of Crime

Home Housing Market

Explore comprehensive housing market data including pricing trends, sales volumes, and property types

Key Stats

  • Price Trends
  • Number of Sales

Business Rental Market

Access detailed rental market data including average rents, growth rates, and rental property types

Key Stats

  • Average Rent
  • Rental Property Types

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